Dance Fitness

Dance fitness is the most Fun and Effective way to lose weight, get in shape, release stress, lift pompies but most importantly it will boost your Self Esteem and Self Confidence. THE SUPER BONUS: we all want to delayed the aging process, well by dancing you'll achieve all of this and so much more. In our app you can check your BMI, get healthy push notifications, new meal plans and read some testimonials of our members. So download the app now and sign up for this amazing class. See you on the Dance Floor.
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Pole Dancing

Strength, flexibility, confidence booster is what Pole Fitness stands for. We use our own body weight to intensify all the exercises and dress it up with flow techniques so you can enjoy of lots of movements that looks really cool but that is working out your body to the max.
Classes available are: Tricks & Doubles, Parent & Child, Flow & Choreography, Exotic Pole, Spinning Pole and MUG Make Your Group and train together. Download the app and register for any pole fitness class. See you on the pole, super in shape hanging upside down or simply having so much fun dancing and spinning on the pole.

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